Do You Need a Promotional Calendar?

  • Nov 9, 2017

2017 is coming to an end, and there is one item that every household, office and business needs come January: a calendar.

Even in the digital age where electronics and apps seem to be replacing paper products, people still use calendars. Many people find that writing out tasks and due dates is helpful for remembering deadlines, and having a paper copy offers reminders even when they aren’t thinking about a specific task. However, a calendar is not something that people remember to buy every year, which is why you will find free, promotional calendars on walls everywhere!

In 2018, it’s time to make your company’s calendar the one everyone uses! Here are a few reasons your company needs a promotional calendar:


1.     Visibility: When handing out promotional calendars, your company’s name will be seen not only at the moment it’s hung on the office wall, but also every time someone checks the date or writes a task. Companies who have your calendar on their wall are making your business visible and showing that they support your brand.


2.     Representation: What you choose to put on your promotional calendar sends a message about your company. The images you use on your calendar can be humorous or informative, and can be used to draw more attention to your business and leave an impression based on the reactions of those who see it.


3.      Price: Calendars from Impressions In Print are extremely affordable, whether you want it customized or chosen from our catalog. Calendars can be sent out during the holidays, left at reception desks for visitors, and given away in gift bags at conferences and expos. That means that you get advertising at a good price for an item people will actually use for an entire year.


If you’re ready to create a promotional calendar for your business as an affordable marketing tool, check out our online selection and contact one of our experts at (757) 497-0671.

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