Gearing Up for Spring Sports

  • Feb 26, 2018

It may only be February, but time is flying and spring sports registration has already started. Whether you’re the coach of a youth soccer league, the manager of a company baseball team, or the organizer of a fun run or marathon, you’ll need to begin preparing for the upcoming season. Setting dates and recruiting players is easy, but finding the right products to put your team name and logo on can be tough. Here is a guide to what you may need to gear up for spring sports:

  1. Uniforms: The most important thing you’ll need for your team or event is the uniform. The experts at Impressions In Print can help you find the perfect jersey or technical shirt and fit it with your team’s mascot, your company logo or your event’s sponsors.
  2. Trophies and medals: What fun is a winning a game or completing a race if you can’t show off your accomplishment to family and friends? Having a trophy or medal with your name or the miles you’ve run inscribed can keep the event in your memory for years to come. We can help you find the perfect themed trophy for your team or event’s participants!
  3. Water bottles: Show your team spirit, promote your event and keep your participants hydrated all at once by putting your logo on a water bottle. These are also great to hand out at games to keep the audience engaged and excited. Better yet, add a sponsor name and ask them to cover the costs!
  4. Team spirit: No matter what sport you’re organizing, you’ll want friends and family there to cheer your players on. Whether you want a classic foam finger or a megaphone for your favorite chants, we can find you the product you need with your team’s colors or logo.

If you’re ready to get a head start on all the big games and events this spring, contact Impressions In Print at (757) 479-0671 today!

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