Gifts That Employees WANT to Receive

  • Oct 23, 2017

Giving company-related gifts to employees is a very common and effective way of welcoming them to the company, offering incentive, or showing thanks during the holidays. A gift to an employee has the power to show that you value their work and appreciate their efforts. However, there is a difference in giving out another mug with the company logo and a well thought-out, useful item. Here are some tips for choosing gifts that employees WANT to receive:


·      Make connections: Get to know your employees! Giving gifts based on their interests is a sure way to show you are keeping up with them in ways other than work performance. It also helps create a sense of community in the workplace, and more motivation to impress. For instance, if your employee is a frequent camper, a gift pack with the Survival Tool Card is sure to make them smile.

·      Be welcoming: Giving new employees a welcome kit will help them feel at home with the company and proud to be there from the start. Their friends and family will know your company is a great place to work, and they will achieve motivation and success in a shorter adjustment period.

·      Say “thank you”: This may be the simplest, most meaningful gift of all. Giving cards to employees when they have completed a big project or have had a major life event again shows their value to the company. You’ll see a continued effort to strive for great work as a result!

·      Pay attention: Be aware of the general mood and culture of the office. Good gifts aren’t always given individually! For instance, if you notice that employees seem to be spending too much time staring at their computers, put something fun in the break room to get them moving.


Overall, employees prefer receiving gifts that make them feel welcome and valued. If you’re looking for the perfect employee or corporate gifts, contact Impressions In Print at (800) 247-6201 or (757)479-0671.

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