Is Print Still Popular?

  • Jun 20, 2018

With the abundance of creative, fun promotional products available to showcase your brand, you might wonder, “Is print still popular?” When was the last time you found a coupon rolled up between your front door handle when you arrived home from work? When was the last time someone handed you a glossy flier for an upcoming concert or event?

Despite the popularity of digital advertising and social media platforms, we can confidently say that yes, print items are still popular. So, who uses them?

Our recent print projects reveal that the same people who are using print products now are the ones who have always used them. Everyone from realtors, to magazines and local bands are seeking out quality, well-designed print products. Why? Because they work!

Print items are more effective than ever, especially as many businesses make the switch to digital marketing. Handing out a glossy printed event flyer, restaurant menu or business card creates a connection with potential customers that social media just can’t capture when ads are getting lost in the mix of family photos and status updates. A physical object is more likely to leave a lasting impression, and potential customers will be able to come back to it easily, rather than having to search online for something they glanced at a few days ago.

Using print items also means you can reach a different audience: those who aren’t online, or rarely spend time on social media. If your business is locally focused, you can leave items at community events and on bulletins boards to familiarize people with your name and brand. If someone is looking at a community bulletin, it means they are actively looking for information about local businesses!

If you’re ready to create quality, original print items for your business as an affordable and effective marketing tool, contact one of our experts at (757) 497-0671.

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