Promotional Products to Stand Out

  • Dec 6, 2017

We all know using promotional products is a tried and true method of marketing for almost any company. It has been proven that not only will consumers take home promotional products that are useful, but they will also do business with the advertiser who supplied the products!


However, knowing promotional products are effective isn’t enough. You need a strategy to set you apart from competition. With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how your company’s promotional products will be different from everyone else’s and increase your business in 2018. Here are a few tips for choosing promotional products that will make your company stand out:


Know your audience: Knowing your audience is an important business strategy no matter what, but keeping your audience in mind when choosing promotional products is key. For instance, a local grocer’s customers will probably reach for reusable tote bags over lanyards and hats. Sports fans enjoy products they can reuse to show their support at games, such as a foam hand or pom poms. Making sure your promotional product is an item your audience will use encourages their choice of your business over a competitor.


Choose quality: If your competitors are all giving out stationary and pens, choose a high-quality version that customers are more likely to keep around. In a year where consumers are opting for more sustainability, choose an eco-friendly version. Those who receive your products will appreciate the effort and start off with a positive idea of what your company is like.


Think outside the box: Another way to stand out against competition is by simply choosing products that are different! We offer a large variety of products, and we always have fun and exciting items that make customers smile and laugh, remembering company names and associating them with good memories.


If you’re ready to find promotional products that will help your company stand out against competition, contact Impressions In Print at (800)247-6201 or (757)479-0671.

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