Starting Fresh in 2018

  • Jan 15, 2018

January is often a marker of renewal and new beginnings.  It is the month where individuals strive to be the best they can be, setting goals for the year to improve areas of their lives that they aren’t quite satisfied with. The New Year is great for leaving behind what didn’t work for us the previous year, and the same concept can apply to business practices!


If you haven’t already, now is the time to review your marketing and advertising strategies from 2017. Did you develop a plan and stick to it? What worked, and what didn’t work? Were people receptive to the promotional products you gave away?


If your strategies didn’t yield the results you were hoping for, take action! You can start fresh in 2018 with a new plan to generate great reviews, referrals and new clients. This doesn’t mean a complete rebranding – there are small measures you can take to improve that won’t cost you extra time and money. For instance, if you were using a roadside sign and weren’t getting more calls and walk-ins, you may need to reconsider the design. If you were giving out promotional products with your logo that weren’t relevant to your industry, it’s time to let us help you pick a new product.


This may sound overwhelming after a busy holiday season and time away from the office, but Impressions In Print is here to make it easy. We coordinate the selection, design, decoration and production of logo merchandise, promotional products, signs and banners and commercial printing that are specially chosen to increase sales and raise brand awareness. We do the work, and you get the results.


Start fresh in 2018 with a new strategy that uses the right products and materials to bring in new business. Contact us at (800) 247-6201 to find out what options are best for you.

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