What are the Best Trade Show Giveaways?

  • Sep 22, 2017

If your company attends trade shows as a vendor or service provider, one of the biggest challenges is standing out from all the other booths people are visiting. How do you help them remember your brand? How do you entice them to visit your website or stores?

Long after the trade show ends, it’s the giveaway or promotional product that continues to represent your brand and your business. But what do you give away to make an impact?  First and foremost, the item should be distinctive, memorable, useful and practical.  The latest widget may have cool factor, but if it won’t be used and kept around, you just wasted your money.

At Impressions In Print, when we start working with a client on a trade show strategy, we research the visitors and their needs. What are the demographics – and which of those best align with our client’s target audience.  

what-is-the-best-trade-show-promotional-productsWe’ll then align the visitors with their need for the client’s product or services and identify promotional items that match. When we identify where those areas intersect, we recommend items that will make an impression, be useful and fit within the client’s budget.

For example, if the target audience is active families, we may suggest branded dog leashes and matching pick-up bag holders. You don’t have to sell pet products, but if your brand and services are aligned with pet owners, you have provided an incredibly useful item that will keep your logo visible long after the trade show ends. 

Or, perhaps you provide IT services. The obvious choice that many of your competitors will offer is a USB drive imprinted with their logo.  We may suggest a branded bullet journal style notebook instead, because even the most technical person still writes notes and a high-quality moleskin style notebook can stand out from the crowd.

There are literally thousands of options for promotional product giveaways at trade shows, and no matter what your choice, quality never goes out of style. The best designed pen won’t be used if it doesn’t write well, or if the ink runs out quickly. Your company’s investment in a trade show booth is expensive, so make sure you get the maximum value by partnering with an experienced, professional promotional products company like Impressions In Print, that can help develop a strategy and guide your choices.

If you have questions about what’s right for your customers, give us a call at 800-247-6201 or 757-497-0671.